Many parents today are too busy raising their families to look decades down the road. More than half of all adults in the country haven’t bothered to draw-up a will. Davenport Evans estate planning lawyer Sarah Richardson Larson was recently interviewed for the KELOLAND story, Where there’s a will: The importance of estate planning.

Sarah related that, understandably, too many people are estate planning procrastinators. “I think some people are afraid to do it,” Larson said. “They’re suspicious, or they think it’s going to cost too much or they just don’t get around to it. Life is busy and we’re all going to do it sometime in the future, but not tomorrow.” However, if you die without a will, state law determines who gets what. And it may not be what you intended. It turns out, younger parents are often better candidates for estate planning than older people, because they have to name a guardian for their children. Click here to view the KELOLAND story or to read the story transcript.

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