Davenport Evans lawyer Mike Snyder recently made the front page of the Argus Leader following the Sioux Falls Marathon, but it wasn’t for his time crossing the finish line. The story of Mike’s Marathon Proposal appeared in the Sioux Falls Argus Leader, along with a video interview.

The following excerpt is shared courtesy of Megan Raposa / www.Argus Leader.com, a part of the USA Today Network. Photo: Sam Caravana / Argus Leader.

“When Mike Snyder woke up to early-morning thunderstorms on Sunday, he wasn’t worried about how the rain would affect his plans to run the Sioux Falls Marathon.

He was worried about his plans after the race and the diamond engagement ring stashed in the center console of his car.

Snyder, a 33-year-old Sioux Falls attorney, signed up for the marathon along with his girlfriend, Charlotte Wood, who would be completing the 26.2-mile race for the first time.

The rain cleared up, and, after a 15-minute delay, the couple started the race alongside the thousands of other runners in the marathon, half marathon and 5K races.

Snyder finished first in just about four hours. Using the Sioux Falls Marathon app to track Wood’s progress, he knew he had about 40 minutes before she reached the finish line.

He hobbled out to his car to get the ring and went back to wait near the finish line.” Click here for the rest of the Marathon Proposal story.

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