2023 SculptureWalk installations have arrived, and they are extraordinary! Davenport Evans is proud to support the Sioux Falls SculptureWalk, sponsoring the installation which appears before the Federal Courthouse at 12th and Phillips. This year’s sculpture is Translation No. 3 by Sioux Falls artist Joe Schaeffer.

“Translation No. 3” Artist’s Description

Translation No. 3 is a 3′ H x 2′ W x 1′ D sculpture formed of Poly Ethylene-Glycol. According to artist Joe Schaeffer, the material is essentially a hard weatherproof plastic coated in resin and paint.

The sculpture is a 3D “translation” of elements within the visual language of Schaeffer’s paintings. “Translation No. 3 began as a hand-drawn, simple sketch that I digitized, 3D extruded and rendered for the printing,” he explained, “I worked with the fabrication team of locally owned business Futurescape 3D LLC. They were great and I give them a ton of credit.”

Contemporary sculpting with bronze, steel, or stone, can leave some artists priced out. As an artist new to the medium – this is Schaeffer’s first ever sculptural work – he sees potential for others to enter the field. He is one of two artists on the Walk with pieces utilizing resin. “I believe it will open new avenues of thinking and creating for artists. As the technology strengthens, it is inevitably bound to become a method more widely used and accepted by artists.”

Schaeffer’s Translation No. 3 is certainly an evolution in form. It was born of paintings, translated into a sketch, digitized, and extruded in 3D form to create a sculpture. Beyond SculptureWalk, the piece lives on in one more medium, NFTs. Schaeffer describes the NFTs as digital artworks that maintain the same visual language as the real 3D sculpture. And all are part of the “Translation Series”.

20 Years of SculptureWalk Sioux Falls

The 2023 SculptureWalk exhibition marks 20 years of bringing Art to the People! By placing sculptures throughout downtown Sioux Falls and other high-traffic areas of our city, SculptureWalk is bringing beauty right to you, right where you are. SculptureWalk Sioux Falls is the largest annual exhibit of public sculptures in the world.

Curated by a blind jury of local dignitaries and art enthusiasts, works are graciously loaned by the artists and installed in the spring throughout downtown Sioux Falls, South Dakota, to be continuously displayed all year. The public votes for the “People’s Choice Award” from May through September, and the favorite sculpture is purchased by the City of Sioux Falls to become part of its permanent collection. Also, industry experts select “Best of Show” awards, which honor works achieving the highest levels of artistic merit and creativity.

These Sculptures Could Be Yours!

Most SculptureWalk sculptures are available for long-term leases or purchase. Many smaller pieces are perfect for home or office spaces. Larger works are suitable for gardens, office parks and retail spaces. Sale prices are listed with the sculpture information. For more information, call 605-731-2430 or email [email protected].

SculptureWalk Visitor Center

The Washington Pavilion of Arts & Science is the proud home of the SculptureWalk Visitor Center. SculptureWalk begins and ends near the Washington Pavilion at 301 S. Main Ave. in Sioux Falls. Stop into the SculptureWalk Visitor Center on the second floor near the entrance to the Visual Arts Center.