Trust Administration

Davenport Evans trust administration attorneys have expertise in all matters of trust administration. From filing annual reports on behalf of trustees to modifying, reforming, and decanting trusts pursuant to South Dakota law, the trust administration practice group at Davenport Evans can help guide clients through the judicial process or navigate non-judicial remedies when appropriate. The trust administration attorneys at Davenport Evans regularly work with out of state counsel and institutions to migrate trusts to South Dakota to take advantage of South Dakota’s top-tier trust laws.

Some areas in which the trust administration attorneys at Davenport Evans can assist include modification, decanting, reformation, division, merger, consolidation, severance, directed trust conversion, unitrust conversion, termination, removal or appointment of trustee, advisor, or trust protector, virtual representation questions, trustee liability, and changing situs and governing law, among a wide variety of other issues.

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