80 Thermometers for 80 Years, Center of Hope

It’s easy to drive by the Center of Hope in downtown Sioux Falls and not notice it’s there. And perhaps that’s fitting for an organization that serves people every day who feel just like that, invisible to the traffic streaming toward the 10th Street overpass or...

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2019 South Dakota Legislation Includes Blockchain in UETA

For the first one hundred and ten years of South Dakota’s history, contract law was quite formal and stiff. Written contracts had to be signed manually and the parties needed to keep the “wet” signatures on an original. By the 1960s and the 1970s, signature facsimiles...

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Lake County Blocks Gravel Mine Expansion Near Racing Stable

Janet Weber feels she’s found a little piece of heaven just east of Madison, SD. There’s no feeling like caring for the thoroughbred race horses she breeds and boards. When a neighbor recently petitioned to expand a gravel mining operation to within 200 feet of her...

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UCC Foreclosure and the Triple Whammy

In most respects the Uniform Commercial Code adheres to one of its stated purposes which is the facilitation of commercial transactions. Revised Article 9 departs from that goal in some respects concerning the provisions regarding exercise of remedies for default by a...

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Announcing 2019 Davenport Evans Scholars

Announcing the 2019 Davenport Evans Scholars Over the last 30+ years, Davenport Evans scholarships have benefited over 250 high school seniors through the Sioux Falls Area Community Foundation. The scholarships are designated for use at institutions of higher learning...

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2019 Banking Seminar: Protecting Your Bank’s Future

Thank you to all who joined us for the 13th Annual Davenport Evans Banking Seminar, Friday, April 26, at The Country Club of Sioux Falls. The seminar offered important legal updates and best practices useful in "Protecting Your Bank's Future." Banker attendance...

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Protecting What You’ve Built