Susan B. Anthony students in Sioux Falls are remembering the woman their school is named after. Speakers from the community who have been inspired by the champion for women’s rights are stopping by the school to share Anthony’s part of history. That’s because Anthony’s 200th birthday is tomorrow. She’s known for many impactful movements, including a woman’s right to vote. Davenport Evans lawyer Ashley Brost spoke to a group of Susan B. Anthony 2nd grade students, telling KELOLAND, “I am here to commemorate Susan B. Anthony’s 200th birthday. Also to talk about women in leadership because it’s the centennial of the 19th Amendment being passed this year, where women were given the right to vote.” This story courtesy of

Earlier this year, Davenport Evans Law Firm partnered with Keloland Television to honor the influence that women have had on public policy, social progress and quality of life through the Remarkable Women of KELOLAND Initiative. KELOLAND received dozens of incredible nominations, and having narrowed these down to four finalists, will announce one finalist per week on KELOLAND Living. You can learn about all four finalists in our Remarkable Women special which airs Tuesday, March 3rd at 6:30 PM, on KELOLAND Stations.

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